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Hearing Held Before Austin Court of Appeals

A hearing was held before a three-judge panel of the Austin court of appeals on Wednesday, October 26th.  The appellate team from the Lanier Law Firm represented the Plaintiffs and appellate lawyers from the Haynes Boone law firm represented Defendant GTECH Corporation (IGT).  The three judges asked a number of questions of both sides but there is no way at this time to predict how they will rule or how long it will take to get a decision from the panel.  A confidential update was e-mailed yesterday to all clients of the Sternberg, LaGarde, and Lanier law firms.  If you are a client of these three firms and did not receive a copy of the e-mail, call Audrey Moore at the Lanier Law Firm to confirm your email address.


  1. Kimberley Sohn

    Thank you, I contacted Audrey Moore at Lanier Law Firm and updated my email. Is the trial still scheduled for Feb 2017?

  2. Benzo002

    Thanks to the team! I appreciate the hard work you are putting in. I pray this will be over soon with victorious results. God bless you and yours! VICTORY!!!!!!!

  3. Gerald Crump

    Does anyone have an ideal how long it may take for the appeals court to make a ruling, and what happens if it is the plantiff favor.

  4. Kathy

    What is the average time for the verdicts witht
    three judge panel?

  5. Don Crawford

    Thanks to the Team

  6. Kyle oneil

    Im curious if tort law applies to our suit… Because if we get a ruling for half a billion is there a limit on how much we could collect if we win

  7. Cruz & Soledad

    We cannot believe this! Is there something we can do?

  8. Solcruz

    I just read the latest post of what is happening with our case. i don’t know maybe is me. the updates to me seem very plain,like this case is not very important. Alex used to explain in very detail format. This new website is so complicated and takes too long to post my comments. it is just my opinion!

    • There is little news to report right now because the case is pending before the court of appeals. The trial court has frozen all activity in the case until the appellate court issues its ruling. Don’t assume that the lack of news means that your attorneys do not consider your case to be very important.

  9. Solcruz

    The interest that the appellate judges take with some cases, proves how our justice system is messed up!!! So time is the the essence for them, but for some of us time is what we don’t have!

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