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Texas Fun 5's Lawsuit

GTECH Skips Motion for Rehearing in Fun 5’s Lawsuit

GTECH has apparently decided to skip the filing of a motion for rehearing or a motion for rehearing en banc in the Austin Court of Appeals.  The deadline to file either motion has now passed without a filing by GTECH.

It is likely GTECH evaluated the small odds that the Court of Appeals would grant a motion for rehearing and has decided, instead, to file a Petition for Review in the Texas Supreme Court.

For details about the deadlines facing GTECH at this point, review the LaGarde Law Firm blog on the subject.


  1. Victoria B

    Thank you Richard

  2. Solcruz

    This company is so mean spirit, that they want to drag it down as long as they can. Even though they are paying thousands and thousands to thier lawyers!

  3. Derek Doughty

    And maybe they have accepted defeat….
    Thank you All

    • J smith

      Let’s pray they have I’m sure they don’t want a trial. And hopefully there just buying more time

  4. IBC66

    Woohoo!! It’s best they settle!!!

  5. Teresa

    Instead of GTECH paying their lawyers money understand that it was the wording on the tickets that made us winners give up and pay the money owed to us and quit wasting our lawyers and our time

  6. Linda

    Exactly what does this mean in laymens terms?

  7. Holly

    I could be wrong but Gtech has until February 26 , 2018 to file a appeal with the Texas Supreme courts . The appellate courts can grant a extension for good reasons.
    If I’m wrong please correct me.

  8. Linda

    God Bless our Attys for their wisdom. We speak out of our emotions and they speak out of their expertise. Forgive us.

  9. Mark Claver

    Do we go forward with our case or do we have to wait to see if they file in supreme court.

  10. Darlene Hodge

    I have a ? If GTECH doesnt get the extension does that mean it’s over some body please help me this is too much been to Long

    • IBC66

      Not over No by any means

      They can only stall for time.

      It’s not over till Supreme Court Rules

      Next step is Trial By Jury
      Or if GTECH files for appeal, the appellete court can hear it or reject it

      Or they can appeal to Supreme Court

      If they appeal to Supreme Court, they will in my opinion loose

      Either way they have lost

      Its best they settle!!!!

      Waiting for a big settlement!!! In due time the payout is inevitable

      If we go to trial, payout can be greater.

      We have Great lawyers

  11. Susan black

    Could this still go on for years? Can we have a little heads up please its getting old and getting on my nerves.

    • J smith

      Settlement please so we can move on I’m sure you all broke even wit interest long as this been going on

    • Ron

      The way I understand it G-Tech has till Feb 26 to file an appeal . I think the court will probably give them another 45 days if they request it and I’m sure they will. If the Supreme Court turns down their request then they’ll ask for more time to prepare for trial . They will drag this out as long as possible . They will either go to trial or settle .If they’re going to settle they’ll wait until the day before the trial date. I’m afraid this might drag on for 6 more mos or longer. If I’m wrong please correct me.

  12. Darlene Hodge

    Ron I disagree supreme Court is the last resort hunnie

  13. S

    Question: Has Gtech already appealed to the Texas Supreme Court or not?

  14. Mona

    I’m just realizing that some people have winning tickets worth millions…here I am thinking maybe small amounts adding up to the asking total….and DN, 4 million. Wow!!! I’m just hoping to get what’s owed to put a down payment on a house..😔😔

    • J smithfo

      I wonder wat happen next if getech skip both dates and don’t file anything. Hoo closes the case


    Question, What will potentially happen if GTECH decides not to pursue with going to Supreme Court? Could they settle?

  16. Stacey Larkin warren

    So what about people with tickets for 100.00 what will they get verses someone who won 500 thousand is it foing up i know we owe rhe layers almost half plus have ro pay taxes just wish somebody would answer they should have to pay attorney fees at the least

    • J smithfo

      I’m not sure how that’s gone of work but wat ever it is I’m sure it will be well worth it. If I’m not mistaken they have to pay attorney fee’s but Im not sure I’m sure the people wit 500th along with everyone else gone be blessed

  17. Stacey Larkin warren

    Sorry for miss spelled world’s don’t have my glasses

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