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Texas Fun 5's Lawsuit

Fun 5’s Plaintiffs File Letter Brief with Austin Court of Appeals

Over 1,000 Texas consumers filed a letter brief with the Austin Court of Appeals today.  The brief was was filed in response to a letter brief filed by GTECH (IGT).  In its brief, GTECH urged the Austin Court to adopt the ruling recently made by the Dallas Court of Appeals.  The Dallas opinion held that GTECH (IGT) could not be made to answer for fraud on Texas consumers because it enjoyed “derivative sovereign immunity”.  It their brief, the Texas plaintiffs pointed out that their complaint is not with the TLC’s decision to include “Money Bag” symbols on the Fun 5’s tickets.  Instead, their complaint is that GTECH made an independent decision to use misleading and fraudulent language to describe the chances of winning five times the prize amount on the ticket.  You can read Plaintiffs’ letter brief here: Plaintiffs’ Letter to Austin Court of Appeals.


  1. Mona

    Yes!!! I do believe we are in good hands…thank you to all our lawyers..

  2. Benzo002

    I truely believe we are in good hands…I love the energy! Thanks to all! The word is WIN and it is done!

  3. Shauna

    Great!!! Thank for some kind of feedback. I will be so peo’ed if GTECH gets away with this BS. The TX lottery already did.
    Please keep on doing good for us.

  4. Gwen J

    Thanks to our Attorney Team. Keep up the good work!!!!

  5. Daniel M

    If these people end up getting away with this, I will have completely lose faith in my government. I will also do everything in my power to spread the word to boycott anything this company GTECH AND TLC is involved in.

    • SE

      Exactly how I feel about it. Except not just the government but the legal system period. This entire thing has been extremely frustrating as it is and now this. I really do not see what anyone has to be excited about with this case, At least not until we actually get real justice with a huge WIN!. I understand people wanting to be positive about it, but that’s hard when these types of shady big corporations keep getting away with fraud. I mean when we are told The Texas Lottery cannot be sued for fraud! That is freaking terrible. It should make many people very upset and GETECH or whatever they are calling themselves now are trying to get away with same thing basically. It just really should not happen at all. It’s so screwed up as of right now.

  6. Cynthia Werner

    Want to make a change? Get a person elected to the house of representatives to change such law to stop letting companies like GETECH get away with screwing consumers! Just saying………

    • SEH

      Cynthia Werner, I could not agree more with you. Only problem is who are those people and do they actually even exist!?! Ya know what I mean. There has got to be somebody out there with integrity and believes in doing right by the people, the TAX payers, us!

      I feel like this is never going to end or get anywhere! This has been going on for far to long. Sorry for the negativity but seriously it really feels like this is no big deal to the court of appeals!! I really wish we could get better judges and etc.
      This is really really really getting old!

      I keep my faith in God not in people.
      Praying the devil doesn’t get this one also.
      And I pray even if we do actually end up winning this ongoing war! That we aren’t screwed over by hardly getting anything at all. IWe just know the experience my mothee went though after they won and she got no where near the money she should have gotten. Not even close.
      We have lost millions apon Millions of dollars. So there should be just that coming our way. Or this would have been all for nothing. Now that’s honesty for ya.

      All we can do is pray and continue this waiting game.

      Keep on trying hard to get justice for all of us. Thanks Attorneys. Hope this comes to a good conclusion VERY SOON!! As I am.sure you all do as well. God Bless.

  7. Willie

    Don’t lose faith in the system. The name of the GAME is to frustrate the opposing team. So the attorneys for The State of Texas are in bed with the G-TECH Corp. because G-TECH makes the State of Texas millions of dollars each year with these lottery win-falls… Justice can prevail if Intent can be entertained. This will cost The State of Texas and G-Tech some embarrassment among their Peers. There is enough money in the Texas Lottery Unclaimed Funds to resolve our little issue and move forward. Oh no, that is too easy for the Lottery Commission to do also. However they can keep Unclaimed Funds and make interest off the money indefinitely, although those funds are supposed to be turned over to the Texas Treasury Department after 180 days. Really Ethical Organization huh???

  8. Helen M. Nickerson Dupree

    Well now we have to do what our fore parents use to do. Take our money off their table. Since they won’t honor us and their items they have on the market for us to be spending our money on for them to make money for the economy and to put in their pockets to support their family, then how can we keep on honoring them and keep on suppling their needs when they don’t give a heck about our family, our families needs, and well being. That’s selfish and double standards. We play those tickets in order to win money to be able to take care of our families and hopefully win big in order to supply our family also with a better life and lifestyle. When do we stop being their broadcasting advertisement only to line their fat huge pockets and all their needs are supplied and their family live well while we starve and go without and keep on being screwed over because they are running this thing their way. As long as they can pass laws to benefit only them because they are running it their way, crookedly.

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