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  1. J smith

    OK just wanted to thank you again for all that you all are doing

    • Kimberley

      Merry Christmas!

    • N

      Happy New Year to all!!!
      Does anyone know what court will be hearing the Feb. 17th trial?

      • The trial court has put all deadlines on hold pending receipt of the court of appeals’ opinion. That means the trial previously scheduled for February will no go forward until after the appellate court’s opinion is issued.

        • Stacie Byington

          What does this mean?

          • Helen M. Nickerson

            All of you have been so very hard at work with this case and I b would like to say that I deeply Thank every one of you for the amazing jobs you are doing on our case. Since this case is going on so very long I appreciate every effort and hard word you are giving in our behalf. Hopefully we can all receive the Victory real soon. Thank you all sincerely, Ms. H. Nickerson

        • Could we have an update please?

  2. What does this mean and what comes next ? My thanks to every one that is working so hard on this case.
    Linda W.

    • J smith

      Not sure linda we will get an update on the 15 for wat I have read the lawyers have come back wit a strong respond I just pray that g tech is planning on settling this case so just keep the faith an prayers for our hard working lawyers an look for your email on the 15 this Thursday

    • Hope all is well.
      Can you speculate on why the decision is taking this amount of time, please.

  3. Donna

    Thank you all so much for your hard work, dedication to this case.

  4. Ray F

    Well done on the 4th Amended Petition Lawyers, well done!

  5. Richard Wilson

    We are glad to have you’ll on our side working for us , Thanks .

  6. Ronald Neal

    thanks a lot for your effort and time to help us to achieve this journey of justice.,fairly.

  7. Mrs. Nettles:
    We appreciate all that you do.

  8. Linda

    I am not an attorney, but I believe that until the judges come back with their decision, we just wait. If the judge rules in our favor we either get ready for trial or the negotiations begin. Remember we have the most feared law firm working for us. Be patient. Civil lawsuits take awhile. (3-5 yrs.) The defense attorneys have to spend their client’s money first so the client will think they are doing something. Once the judge rules we will know where we stand. Until then keep calling your AG, Your Representative or Senator to fire Grief and protect consumers in this fiasco. Bring attention to this cause in any way you can! That will help. Get your friends in the Media to start asking questions of the State reps and tell them to follow the money!! I was getting requests for donations from Abbott, but I replied that until he helped us by firing Grief, and protect consumers instead of remaining silent, I would not be contributing. Make your voice heard. You cannot just sit back and wait. Make some noise with your elected officials! Tell them you won’t support them or contribute money in any way. Remember the “greasy wheel”. Elected officials don’t like bad press!

  9. K Smith

    KEEP UP THE HARD WORK! Everyone who is doing what they can…thank you very much!!!

  10. J

    So is the oral argument set for late October?

    • Oral argument has been set by the Austin Court of Appeals for October 26th. More details will be coming shortly in a confidential client e-mail update from Chris Gadoury.

      • Victoria N Beavers

        What exactly will do for us?
        What will be going on this day?
        Thank you

  11. Rhonda Carrignan

    Has a date been set for the appeals hearing?

  12. Linda

    We will pray for your success and ours!

  13. Ronald Neal

    so now what will happened.How much longer can G -TECH, keep us on hold G-TECH know they are guilty .

    • J smith

      Hopefully next week will bring sweet treats hello somebody

    • Tiket #1884 wanka tiket says tbd

      I do know that i am in the middle of a lot of stuff and the people that are suppose to be on our side are really not in any way on the side that they swore to be on and so many lies i dont know whats real fake good bad right wrong or what but i just know i got the man above on my side i hope he sees this and by good faith gives the people behind this scandal what they deserve

  14. N

    Is everyone going to be court on October 26?

  15. J smith

    Do anyone know is the news people will be there on the 26

  16. lynnBrandau

    Prayers for a positive court hearing today.
    We are in such GREAT hands! I am so grateful to all the attorneys for their hard work.?????????

  17. Cynthia arriola


  18. Donna

    Any one go to hearing today ?

  19. Victoria N Beavers

    Any news from today?

  20. I wonder myself if anyone went, maybe we will get an email Thursday or Friday.
    We all are so anxious and praying for the best for all of us !
    If anyone hears let me know ! ?

  21. Kathy

    I have been praying hearing went good! I hope we all receive news (good) soon!

  22. Kathy

    I have been praying hearing went good! I hope we all receive news (good) soon!

    What is the next step?

  23. Just waiting on a update from court hearing 11-26

  24. sm

    any news on what happened, how long does reply usually take

    • J smith

      From my understanding it may be after the holidays. not sure if it’s just thanksgiving or christmas or both.

  25. John E

    Can we get an update? Just curious if there was a hearing. If so, how did it go?

  26. Linda P

    What happened at the hearing?

  27. John E

    Can we get an update? Just curious if there was a hearing. If so, how did it go?

  28. Kimberley Sohn

    If you are looking for an update, look to the top right of this page, under Recent Posts. Contact your attorney’s office if you did not receive the update yesterday through email and make sure you are on their email list.

  29. Dane Warren

    Has anybody heard anything about the hearing? I feel it will be good news for us since GTech is guilty but you never know these days

  30. Did gtech ever provide a ticket they deemed winning? It would be great to see if it even existed.

  31. Iowa District Court Judge Karen Romano refused to dismiss the case Wednesday. The suit is the first against the Multi-State Lottery Association over a jackpot-rigging scandal inside the organization.

    Romano says the association and the Iowa Lottery aren’t immune from the lawsuit filed by Larry Dawson of Webster City, Iowa.

  32. sm

    has there been any word on ruling

  33. sm

    does any one know how the judges ruled

    • J smith

      We got an email on the 18 still waiting on judges dicision so maybe after the holidays just keep the faith we have the all might team I believe in them and may God be with us all Happy Holidays to everyone and families

    • J smith

      It may be after Christmas let’s pray we here a dicision before

  34. sm

    check out mr lagarde website. lots of info

  35. H~

    Any news yet ???

  36. Manuel Teque

    great website and on topic

  37. JVW

    I’m going to claim the victory! Faith is essential in this future blessing. Expect what has been taken, denied, stolen, from all of us. We’re favored by God to be represented by a dynamic, persistent, determined, highly respected team of attorneys. My line of thinking is- a loss for us will be the result of the time taken to win, that which, we were already owed…God have mercy

  38. N

    Any word from the court hearing yet?

  39. williejcollins

    Hello everyone,
    Just a new comer saying, let the people we will pay set the tone on what is to be done by and when. Sometimes, doing nothing but waiting patiently is the BEST STRATEGY!!!! Since I have no
    Iexperience in the world of courts, I think that I will do what the Lanier Office suggest we do….. WAIT ! When it is our time to activate, the Lead Attorney will advise US on what to do and when to do it.
    Be Cool All and Reap the Benefits of a REAL PROFESSIONAL ATTORNEY.. Peace and Have a Great Holiday Season

    • J smith

      Wat a wonderful job by our attorney mr.Lanier that’s y I strongly feel like we will be treated wat we are owed just be patient yall read if you haven’t

    • Well said, “Mr. Collins”!

      • J smith

        I agree cause almighty God has blessed us with powerful angels to represent us it might not not be cause you want it but we’ll get it when we need it God’s in control.

  40. Copeland fitzgerald

    Would love to make everyone s Christmas…

    • J smith

      Yes it would be great just keep the faith I strongly believe we’re in good hands wit god an our attorneys

  41. Disgruntled Texas citizen

    More than likely won’t be till after new year till we will hear anything from the justices.
    Mean while our attorneys will be prepare for trial Feb 17th.

  42. WalterKingsberry

    This is Walter Kingsberry God is with us and he is our first and last he is our saviour he is our blessing thank you father for everything God bless everyone by

  43. Gerald Crump

    We all good

  44. J smith

    Hey just want wish all clients and our attorneys a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and pray we all have a new start for 2017 it’s been a painful 2 ando half years but remember gods in control.

  45. Dane Warren

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
    To Everyone. Thanks go to our incredible legal team as well.

  46. Kathy

    Everyonr have faith and our attorneys and be patient. Let them do their job and be patient. 2017 has many blessings for us! Everyone have a safe and Merry Christmas!

  47. David

    Everyone Have Merry Christmas & Happy New year!!

  48. James Bennett

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all

  49. J smith

    Just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year and pray it’s a good one g tech something else they have the money to play us for ever it’s toucher to us hopefully will strike back actually I have the faith we will just hang on everyone someone will stop there Lil waiting games

  50. Ronnie Collins

    To all our Attorneys and Ms Nettles Happy New Year. Thank you all for your hard work. May God continue to bless you all and your families. Also, to all the Fun Five Clients Happy New Year

  51. Linda

    Please be prepared that even if we win g-tech can appeal which will hinder any settlement. That may take more time. We hope and pray that our attorneys will be able to leverage that option.

  52. Kimberley Sohn

    Could we please receive an update?

    • J smith

      HI I would like to first wish everyone a happy new year. I know we all are waiting. I don’t want to rush the judges. Actually, I have faith we will win. Now on that note let’s just hope they are out of appeals cause right now I feel they are just dragging it out. Their pockets are deep to do that. But in all due respect the courts can make it final. They have been givin multi times an opportunity and so far failed. So think positive. We are in good hands with our attorneys. So stay positive and keep praying. This is it. February is around the corner. Just pray for trial as scheduled. God please bless us all.

      • The trial will not go forward in February as planned earlier. The trial court judge issued an order putting everything on hold until she hears back from the court of appeals. That is a reasonable approach. We are hoping to hear from the court of appeals in the near future. We will post news of the court’s decision on this website as soon as we receive it.

      • M.E. Farris

        JUST came across your case, read all of your comments. I’m NOT an Atty and because of that, I in no way intend anything, hereafter, to be construed by anyone, to be legal advice. Having been there, done this many times, having crossed swords standing with the best Solo-Practitioner in Texas, in my opinion, against the best Civil Litigators in Dallas, and the herd of Lawyers they flew in from like, NY, I can tell you, we never got, “poured out,” usually we won ! How? Just like I believe you guys are heading, from my reading your comments, as to how things are moving. I BELIEVE your Lawyers are providing, excellent representation. FIRST, I can guarantee everyone, you would NOT be this far along, if you did not have excellent Legal Representation. I’ve not seen one document, have no idea who your Lawyers are in this case. The KEY is, as has been said by many of you, many times, “BE PATIENT.” Wait and let the process work for your Attorney Team and for you. They must have filed some excellent Discovery, Admissions and Denials, et. al., on your behalf. You have come to far, do NOT allow decrial to creep in amongst your group’s, will to win. Understand, the Defendants had to initially Notice their Primary Insurance Carrier’s Attorneys, of your Notice to sue. Then, the Primary, without fail, had to Notice their EXCESS CARRIER, who then plugged in their, Excess Carrier Attorney Team. So, this all has to, ‘gel,’ so to speak. In my opinion, their Excess Carrier Attorneys are calling the shots, due to the exposure involved. All of this has to, boil down ! LISTEN to your Plaintiffs’ Attorney Team, do as they tell you. Again, please be patient and know, many times, these battles end, outside the Court, on a pew, by Defense Lawyers, (not wanting to go before a Jury), agreeing to go tell the Judge, “We have reached an agreement, to SETTLE.” Judge tells them to, “go draw it up,” gives them time for some Attorney to go draw up the Settlement Proposal, for the Judge’s Approval, which usually happens soon afterwards, because the Judge is NOW happy. Judge now gets to CLEAR his or her Docket, w/o going to Trial ! Now the Judge can verbally notify which ever group of Lawyers sitting at #2, on the Docket.., that THEY are now, UP TO BAT ! Which I can tell you, can be a, chilling announcement, for the Lawyer(s), not READY. Best of luck to each Plaintiff and by all means, keep Praying for God to Bless your Lawyers with wisdom and patience, too. Again, I believe you to be, in good hands.

        • J smith

          Thank you we are not in a rush and we do pray and thank god for the wonderful attorneys team we have fighting for us .

  53. J smith

    OK thank you I thought we were pass the appeals court but I thought wrong OK thank you again for yall hard working and all the bleeding on your recovery

  54. Kim

    Of course.

  55. Dane & Emma Warren

    Thanks so much for the information. I agree, that sounds reasonable. I want to thank the entire legal team for all you have done and continue to do in our behalf.

  56. Mike R.

    Well said, M.E. FARRIS. Patience is the answer. Along with GOD, who hears our prayers.

  57. Cruz & Soledad

    Well we are a little disappointed with the judges, that they are taking their time to decide on a verdict. having patience is the only thing we have, but how long to we have to wait?

  58. Jon J

    Thank you to the Lawyers and everyone else involved in this case. Keep being positive and stay strong because Gtech better realize that we arent going anywhere and we will continue to wait out this process until the lottery players get what they deserve!

  59. Solcruz Gallardo

    How long do we have to wait?

  60. J smith

    I know we are all are waiting just keep the faith and remember no news is good news .and also remember g tech has the money to ass around .what I find hard to believe with all this lottery fraud going on why someone hasn’t put a stop to it .I believe one reason they claim they donate to college funds and other organizations but at least be fair about it .this is highway robbery.and I strongly feel we have the great attorney team to get their behinds in line the day will come sooner than we think please don’t give up we are going to fight till the end .let’s just hope the appeals court not in this other politics stuff cause that is a true wreck lol

  61. D

    I want to remind everybody that you will have a VOICE with you VOTES. FYI – Gov. Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, AG. Ken Paxton will be up for Re-Election as well as others in Texas. The 2018 general election will be held in the U.S. state of Texas on November 6, 2018. All of Texas’ executive officers will be up for election as well as a United States Senate seats, and all of Texas’ thirty-six seats in the United States House of Representatives.
    So far NOT ONE official that I am aware of has stepped up to the plate to open the door to Protect the Lottery Player’s. Currently the 85th Legislation is in session. This would be their opportunity to get something done. I have looked thru the current bills that have been submitted for review/vote. The only thing positive I have seen is a bill for the Lottery to stream live their Commission meeting’s which was one of the requested changes to the Lottery. But they left out on this Bill to be able to call in or email your for comment’s while they are in the meeting. So Please speak up with your Votes next year!

  62. Thank you, Mr Farris, for all your information. Yes patience is what we all need at this time. I’m going through very hard times as a lot of other people.
    When This first happen my youngest son got colon cancer, took Chemo, and we
    Thought this had worked, he seem better for about 7 months and then it came back with a vengeance.
    I have only 6 month to a year with my youngest son now , I lost my daughter at 42,
    uterine cancer. I still have faith and do Believe in Miracles.
    I get on my knee’s and ask God for a miracle for my Son, Every nite and to take his suffering from him. To lose one child is bad But too lose 2 is unbearable.
    I ask for all Bloggers to pray for my son, and God bless all our attorneys!

    • J smith

      Sorry to here that md.linda my condolences is with uou along wit prays just remember god has the last say so not man I’m going threw it wit my dad he has bone marrow cancer so I feel your pain but trust in God and he a see you threw

    • Linda

      God has the final say….keep praying and thanking him for your son’s recovery. God can heal him and you. Bless You!

  63. Mike R.

    Bless you, Linda W. God does work in mysterious ways. God Bless you and definetly your son.

  64. Solcruz

    Linda our prayers are with you and your family. so sad that this friday we will not have our court day. i hope this judges speed up thier verdict. we want what is rightfully ours so we can enjoy it now that we are alive. can any one knows how long does a lawsuit like this takes. it’s going to be three years in september.

  65. Gwen

    Ms. Linda W I will pray for your family.
    Just keep the faith God will prevail!!!!

  66. Disgruntled Texas citizen

    Class action lawsuits can take 2-7 years..
    If not longer..
    What ever decsion comes down from the appeals court.
    I’m sure there will be another appeal from either us or Gtech so this case will more than likely go to the Supreme Court .
    They can either hear the case or go with the lower court ruling.
    Which will take longer
    So this will be a few more years before this case is settled.
    We just have to be patient.

    • J smith

      Will I feel different I believe it will be sooner than soon and it want make the supreme court

  67. susan black

    Well now I have to say something first this lawsuit is unreal it is a sentence,and has taken a lot of court time already. I do believe in being patient,but this is to the point of just plan crazy. Everyone of us in this lawsuit have dreams of what they could do with money and having dreams is why we bought the cards. NO one should stop dreaming of better days, but also having people stop dreams so they can have more money in their pocket has to stop.
    I think what I need right now is to be truthfully told what is next and is it going to be appealed again?, and truthfully how many times can it be appealed? Do we have a chance of winning? Are we all dreaming for something that is not going to happen?

    • Whichever side loses in the court of appeals has the right to ask the Texas Supreme Court to review the ruling.

      • Kathy

        Richard can we receive some kind of update. Even if its one saying for us to wait. We feel forgotten, I know thats not the case but something.

  68. I want to thank everyone for all your prayers for my Son, your prayers and comments, have help me to keep having hope and keep my Faith in God.
    God Bless You All and thank you so much, I do Believe our prayers are answer!
    Have a nice weekend,
    Linda W.

  69. J smith

    Thanks for the update and I really appreciate you all hard work but this is a lesson will learn I just hope they don’t forget about the case once again thanks and may God be wit us all

  70. Mona

    I feel the same way Susan. When will the back and forth stop..Even if it’s decided they can be sued, it’s another waiting period because they can appeal and the same on our end if the decision is not in our favor, then we can appeal..It’s crazy if you ask me.. When does the appeals stop..especially in our case.. it’s been decided twice that GTECH can be sued if I’m remembering correctly..

    • J smith

      Yea I wounder the same thing but remember they have the money to drag on for decades we just have to pray the judge put a stop to it like they did in the Donald Trump university case .but I’m sure mr.Mark Lanier know the proper steps to take and I strongly feel no news is good news just can’t wait for it to be anouced so maybe it’s on the way keep praying we will pervil

    • RSVP

      There’s no way this should take as long as it has taken. What worries me is that G-Tech has deep pockets. If we win they will appeal and if they win we will appeal. I guess this can be appealed all the way to the Supreme Court. Our lawyers are doing a great job but their hands are tied with the court system .

  71. Solcruz Gallardo

    why do my posts take long to be posts?

  72. J smith

    Everything was going as plan until it got close to February 17th and they wasn’t ready there trying to hide something are buy they way out of it judges please don’t fall for let justice be served. They already lied to the elected officials once cause they relied on them telling the truth until they seen the tickets wild (Humm )

  73. RS

    Does anyone have any idea when this might go to court . Could it be 1month, 1 year, 2 more years ? They say it could take years with all the appeals etc.. SAD !!!!

    • J smith

      WI’ll we all just have to keep our faith if you have true faith you autta feel good it will not take 3 more years just keep praying I no we all are anxious it’s coming it’s like when you call on God he may not come when you call him but he’ll deliver when you need him and I know we all can use wat we are owed and I know some of us are struggling but if you believe in God then just watch his work

  74. J smith

    Will I tried to get at least a hit on appeals respond so I goggle it but for wat I read I guses it’s a different caeses and it don’t reply to ours a cording to it its mostly 90 days after the appeals and here we are going on six months the appeal was oct.26 will just keep praying for the best.I personal starting to feel this wild election has stalling our case .but I still have the faith as I say all the time hopefully no news is good news and may bless our attorneys thank all of you again .

  75. Solcruz

    should we start looking what to do, if we died before we go to court. is the ticket transferable to our children?

    • J smith

      I’m sure your children are spouse can claim it depends on I guess hoo else on your paper work

  76. susan black

    look another holiday coming up happy st patty day

  77. J smith

    Yes that’s very intresting kinda like wat I been following wit the Donald trump tweets . You guys watch’s a very interesting station and you can see how the politicstion work how sad .how they cover up for each other threw right are wrong that’s why all we can do is put it in God’s hand no man is behold over god .

  78. Holly Orum

    This is becoming ridiculous! How much longer do we have to wait ? We are ready to go to court now!!!

  79. J smith

    Hey I understand the case may be on hold but my god have they told anyone about how long it will be on hold are do they don’t have to share that information wit our attorneys almost look like they done said forget about that it’s not important. I’m sure it’s a reason they at least owe our attorneys a reason why .OK starting to feel they want to sweep it under the rug but we’re not gone let it happen wrong is wrong and right is right

  80. Mona

    What’s up with these courts? Taking forever to make a decision.

    • J smith

      Really I feel they should at least update our attorneys on wars going on

  81. J smith

    Thanks for the update

  82. RS

    It’s April 2017. This appeal process has been dragging on since Oct 2016…..REALLY ! !

    • J smith

      Yeah we don’t want to rush them but we also don’t want to be forgotten I said they at least should be letting our attorney know something

  83. D. W.


  84. Kimberley Sohn

    In the almost 3 years since we have been waiting, hubby has had a heart attack, I have had brain surgery and a stroke, we have both had job losses and are now having to file for bankruptcy due to medical bills. Why??? We have WINNING lottery tickets that we should have collected on almost 3 years ago! We are young, 48 and 50…….we should be enjoying life. Instead……..not so much……The lottery money that we won would have provided a comfortable life for us. We played to win, and we did indeed win….we just failed to get paid. Why on earth is this taking so long? Time is not something all of us have.

    • Holly Orum

      It’s hard to wait knowing we all have winning tickets but can’t get our money. I lost my home and now my 80 yr old Mother and myself are living out of my car! Because I filed bankruptcy no one will rent to me. I lost both my kids ( they are in Heaven) and we have no family.
      I have a ticket that shows I won but I have to wait. I know we have good attorneys and need to be patient. GOD BLESS ALL OF US.

      • J smith

        HI I am very sorry to hear about your lost I feel your pain and wish that I could help you. I have been trying to weather the storm like you to keep my home and bills paid getting loans after loans hoping some day our dream come true I have faith that we will when cause we are winners and hope there also talking settlement in the process so I can pay them off .but keep your faith in God and he’ll see you threw hopefully they will in this soon I know we all can use our winning and help save our home and lives that’s why we played the game and won they have drawed plenty interest off our money .And trust me our attorneys are really fighting hard for us if they would have stop them from selling tickets I ganruted they will have in this sooner than now trust me cause they bills have to be paid come on getch are you made a mistake pay out and get it over with its not like it gone of put you out of business just own up like professional.

  85. D

    VOTE all these SOB’s out of Office come Nov. 6, 2018.
    At this point I could careless if these Officials are Dem. or Rep..
    There needs to be a complete turn over.
    They could have stepped in and ordered the Tickets to be paid.
    Instead they ignored the very people that contributed to the 5 Billion dollars the TLC said they made in 2016.
    Remind you IGT get’s a percentage right off the top of this 5 Billion dollars. This really infuriates me.

    Looking at the backlog of the Court of Appeals in my opinion it looks like they are taking about 3 YEARS
    to make a decision. Some cases are going in & coming out in approx. 3 months.
    In my opinion there is not much integrity left if any at all from our Elected officials. Right or wrong they will continue to protect each other.
    Gov. Abbott,
    Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick,
    AG. Ken Paxton will be up for Re-Election as well as others in Texas.
    All of Texas’ executive officers will be up for election as well as a United States Senate seats, and all of Texas’ thirty-six seats in the United States House of Representatives.
    We need to continue to stand together & vote them out of office.
    My mom is not getting any younger & yes she needs her winning’s now like everyone else.
    For now we can just pray & wait.

  86. J smith

    If you look at the tickets this really a open and close case why spend all this time and money fighting something you did wrong make the ajustments and move on.I remember a story about amazon made a mistake and had everything on sale for a penny and sold many of idem for a penny some very expensive but when they caught the mistake they honor the prizes and fix the problem and move on they didn’t try to take items back from there customers. And they still in business made customers feel like they can depend on there business. Remember yall sold the same tickets in other states and they got paid only change was a number 5 to a money bag same direction and I still don’t see anything about tic tac toe so where our money please we need it do good business .are is this wat we show our children how to rob someone since yall say you donate to colleges it’s theft by the government are hoo ever on the lottery shame shame shame

  87. Mona

    I would like to say hold on to everyone. Like Jacob told God..I’m not letting go until you bless me..just keep the faith…We already know it’s going to be in our favor. Let the attorney’s and the courts do what they do..I was getting frustrated too. Although, my last comment was not posted lol… Keep the faith and now let’s pray to speed this up..We pray but not for the right things..I pray at this moment God move these courts to decide ASAP..Amen..

  88. amy

    I believe that until the judges come back with their decision, I just wait.

  89. I have been waiting since 2008 for my appeal it on record just waiting for the judge I don’t think

    • J smith

      Man wat kind of appeal you got that take 10years that’s totally bs.

  90. Solcruz

    Is this for real??? can it take that long??

  91. J smith

    It’s a hold lot of fraud still going on
    Maybe that’s why it’s taking so long .shame on getech

  92. Ronald Neal

    Please i would really like to still be a live to enjoy my money . Some times I can not help but to feel like we will never get paid . This is not fair to us Tax paying citizens,you buy a ticket due to the system fault we have to pay dearly for winning’.It is going on 4 years and we are still being told the same thing ‘hold on . the Judges have to make a decision .What …. I can not believe this is happening .Professional
    Educated suppose to be people is really not capable of solving our cases,We have proof we have won .we did not make our own tickets.So why do G Tech get treated with fairness instead of us the people.Whom took a chance spent our hard earned money to purchase a Fun 5 scratch off and now we can not get paid .this is so sad.
    Even once the Judges rule in our favor,whats next another appeal.

  93. Solcruz

    How many appeals are going to take ,so we can finally go to court???

  94. J smith

    That’s y they keep appealing cause it can be prolong for many years and it shouldn’t take that long hum appeals take forever.

  95. J smith

    Maybe we need to march the streets and let our voices be heard go public hopefully answers this month.

  96. J smith

    Hopefully not many it would be different if it wouldn’t take so long for an answer let’s pray this is it

  97. Georgie

    What can we REALLY do! Not the write a letter and call so and so, that did nothing real fast.. Why and how can they punish us basically (with appeal after appeal) year after year, for doing nothing but winning on tickets we paid for?? Who do you tell when the rich steal, lie, and cheat, HUNDREDS OF TAX PAYING CITIZENS!!?? I get it wait, and pray, and trust,, but HOW LONG CAN THIS GO ON… Really Really,,, how long do we sit.. And wait… And sit and wait, ON OUR MONEY, OUR WINNINGS, WE PAID OUR REAL HARD EARNED MONEY.. How long can these judges just hang out and not respond,, Even when it’s been made clear they are liable and in the wrong, who can stop this and get something done, make them pay and be done

    • J smith

      We all feel the pain but right now the world is in hold its all coming down to this politics bs all courts are on hold so patient is all we can do at this point so just keep your head up one day it will be over soon our attorneys are working hard for us and I’m sure if they can push it faster they will they are doing everything the best of there ability just keep the faith and I know we all can’t wait it’s coming

  98. Hey Everyone. I searched and found some info at the Third Court of Appeals website. A decision has NOT been made yet but you can see all of the case details and then, when there IS a decision, it will be added.

    Check it out here:

    • Ronald Neal

      THANKS, Very much needed to see something in regards to our case . It is really hard to except that our case is being prolonged like this.What can we the clients do except wait. this is so sad to be treated like this ,just wonder will we ever get paid .

      • J smith

        Yeah I’m sure we all filling the pain in suffering. But I know our attorneys are working very hard for us and hopefully it’s getting sooner than much later just stay positive and keep the prayes I believe we will be just fine and I pray they have to dearly for all they have put us threw. I’m a strong believer no news is good news

  99. J smith

    Hold on change is coming soon

  100. Solcruz

    This is showing us what power can a big company have on the government. To gtch we don’t matter!

  101. Cynthia

    I just wish we can get paid so that we can move on with our lives why do we have to be put on the back burner for our turn to come upon the appeals court we are looking for our justice too. I’m sure our attorneys will get that for us. Justice for all .

    • J smith

      I believe the courts are going back to work on the 11th but where our case stands I don’t know so hopefully a answer this month

  102. Disgruntled Texas citizen

    I believe a decsion is coming.
    There was a legislative session going on soon as that’s over which is soon. The judges will give their opinion.

  103. Solcruz

    It’s not about having faith or hope, it’s about having time. We want this case to be over so we can get on with our lives!

  104. Mona

    Okay now I’m tripping.. The Texas Lottery is rigged..I play Texas two step faithfully..these are last night Monday the 15th results..12 , 17 , 24 , 26 , 25..

    Theses are Lotto pick 6 results for 5/13/17……12 , 17 , 24, 25 , 27 , 28..

    that’s just weird to me..with all the odds they give..

  105. J smith

    Thanks for the update and may God you all in your hard work

  106. J smith

    As I look back at our tickets and the other fun5 tickets that were sold there are no different rules the only change I see was the doaller bill Change to a 5 and the the 5 on the bottom change to a money bag but the rules are the same and they got paid .while wat are they fighting for the evidence is all out they really making there self look bad people settle and let’s move on

  107. Jon

    If we want to be heard, a strong statement is needed. Its been over 3 years and yet no answers from Gtech on our case. Appeal after appeal yet no answers. If we really wanted to make a stance, I say everyone involved and affected by this case gather around at a specific date to Gtech’s corporate offices and let us be heard. We can ask for what is desereved and actually have our voice heard knowing theres over 1500 people involved and affected by this nonsense that Gtech knew of and continued to mislead hard working tax paying citizens. This is not something that is just going to fall into our hands. By making a stance and showing support for one another and having Gtech realize we are NOT ok with committing fraud and misleading lottery players with legitimate winning scratch off tickets, I think by gathering everyone in the lawsuit and literally showing them how cheated and unfair this entire process has been, we WILL get what we deserve! Lets make something happen.

    • J smith

      That’s sound like a good ideal but that would be a difficult task to do for all us to get together at one time and be heard .plus a lot of us are struggling and can’t afford to travel barely making our ends meet me I strongly believe ib our attorney s and God knows there are doing they best to come to a closer on this case and I think God for them .I also believe when the time come they will lead us in to what to do as for as protesting. If anything we can just keep them encourage on being strong for us once again our attorney’s are number one in the world and that’s speakes a high volume for me We Will Pervil I just hope they have to pay dearly for our pain and suffering keep the faith don’t give up and hopefully this year we will enjoy our winnings. So may God be with all of us and may God continue to bless our attorneys

    • Holly Orum

      We need to be patient and let our attorneys do the work! Gtech doesn’t give a rats tail about you, me or anyone else!
      Again, our attorneys know what is best!!!

      • J smith

        Yeah we know that and I feel our attorneys are doing a fantastic job so thank god for them

    • Jason s.

      Well gtexh is a Italian owned company

  108. Victoria B

    Any Updates?

  109. J smith

    I just wounder has the courts open back up yet .are is we that far down the line

  110. Donna lang

    Do we have any kind of update ?

    • J smith

      Not yet we’re still awaiting the courts just keep the faith no news is good news

  111. Victoria B

    I heard something about the courts
    Going on basically vacation summer break will this effect us?

    • J smith

      Where did you hear that at I don’t think so it’s no time for vacation .after a shut down hopefully there moving case’s

  112. D

    Interesting read: Another Lawsuit against G-Tech Feb. 7, 2017
    Scandal after scandal involving G-Tech.

    Attorneys have filed a lawsuit alleging that the company that manages the Illinois Lottery defrauded businesses that sold scratch-off tickets and the customers who bought them by manipulating the number of winning tickets available for purchase, among other things.

    • J smith

      Something needs to be done about getech there are getting out of hand everyone needs to stop playing lottery but a lot of people don’t know it’s a scandal. I just hope for an answer this month .

    • J smith

      Yeah that should help our case speed up at least but I guess getech pays there salary and they have plenty of money you see how they ripped us off but god got they behind that’s why another suit is filed so somebody needs to wake up

    • J smith

      Wild they need to be front center of the news they can’t be ripping us off donating fraud money come on governers

  113. Georgie

    I was told there is no time limit for a decision to be made by the courts, that they have no obligation to make any decision basically….. Soooo? Are we all just sitting around twiddling our thumbs waiting for a response that they don’t have to give us, I WANT WHAT IS LEGALLY AND RIGHTFULLY MINE NOW. We have waited years with still no clue as to maybe when this will end, we have been rail roaded by big money business.. What now!?!?
    Can we press criminal charges against them now or afterwards for what they have done, cause I want too!!

  114. Mona

    Random – Do you all notice all the jackpots and big scratch off winnings down in San Antonio? Things that make you Hmmm…

  115. Mona

    And I do believe that the TLC knows where these winnings tickets and jackpots will hit..I rarely hear how jackpots or high winning scratch offs have winners in a poor neighborhood..Case in point..Every time that PowerBall reaches hundreds of millions of dollars One person hits (why only one person?) and it’s always out of state like California where that person could already be rich..ijs..I told my friend one day,if you want to know all the small town names in Texas just wait until someone hits the lottery lol..I’m serious.. I never heard of some of these towns until a jackpot hit..

    • J smith

      There is another law suit on getech in Illinois omg thats very sad they need to be shut down god don’t like ugly hum

    • J smith

      We can’t help but wonder how much longer there going to be holding a ruling on our case they want even give our attorney’s no info

  116. Mona

    I think that Texas should get rid of the Lottery, after I get my money though. LOL..

  117. IC1966

    We will fight to get the lottery removed with our money. We can lobby all 1000 plus suing and make change

    • J smith

      Yeah sounds good but by the time we get it lord for bid we we’ll have things to do wit it now they are really stressing us out like wet rags I just hope they pay dearly

  118. J smith

    Does anyone knows if the courts are still open are is they still shut down

  119. Jason s.

    So what’s happening now please.

    • Kimberley

      If Austin is waiting for Dallas to make a decision and Dallas is waiting for Austin to make a decision, then this will never end. So disappointed. I realize the courts move slow…..but this is not what any of us expected. Even after we Win with the appellate court….we still have to go to trial. Or wait even longer if GTech appeals the appellate court ruling. I just hope we all live long enough to enjoy our money. And I read an article that the TLC has an excess of a half a billion in unclaimed prize money…..SERIOUSLY? ???? IT BELONGS TO THE FUN FIVES WINNERS! And is most certainly is not “unclaimed”!! We have been trying to claim it.

    • J smith

      All we can do is just wait for what it’s looking like I’m sure our attorneys are ready for war with them

    • J smith

      Hopefully they gone settled cause now they have had another law suit against them just this pass week .I just hope they settled ours first

    • RS

      I know our attorneys are doing the best they can , but I would like to get an update monthly instead of every 6 months. I would like to know if the courts rule in our favor if g-tech is going to appeal again and is this going to drag on for another 12 mos. I know the courts are way behind but they don’t have any problem taking their time off. I hope we’re not on the bottom of the stack. All the courts should have to do is read the suit ,make a decision . Maybe the texas lotto and g tech has more power than we think. I guess it takes a long time to try and wiggle out it even if they’re definitely in the wrong !!! SAD

  120. Kimberley

    Richard, can you give us an update on how you are doing? Has the humidity in Florida helped your eyes?? Praying daily for you and Mary Pat.

    • The high humidity has helped my eyes. The pain decreases to tolerable levels when I’m outside and not in a dry air-conditioned room. Ocular GvHD is not easy to treat and not easy to live with but it sure beats the alternative. Thanks for asking. In the meantime, I’m anxiously waiting for the Court of Appeals opinion just like you and all of our clients. We can only hope it comes soon.

      • J smith

        HI mr.Richard it is a blessing to here you’re doing find and I pray for you and family everyday that he continues to bless you. You are really a true road model and strong that means a whole lot just keep the faith you will win both races may God be wit you

  121. Gerald Crump

    I have not heard anything but it should not be taking this long for an answer from the appeals court, it has to be some law that our lawyers can use to get an answer soon.

    • J smith

      We wish but I know they are doing there very best to get justice for us as soon as they can we just have to wait it out I know it’s hard but that’s the way getech playing the game I just pray they pay dearly for this

  122. J smith

    Thank you for the update and happy fourth to all of you and may we be blessed after it

  123. Latisha

    Good to hear that you’re doing well Richard ?prayers be with you?Thanks for the update.


    As difficult as it is to be patient and wait, thats the best we can do.
    I rather this time its time and come back in our favor than to rush the courts and it come back in GTECH’s favor. At this point, I am giving it all to GOD and trust he and they lawyers know whats best. Whats meant to be will be….

    • J smith

      That’s true I just hope they haven’t forgotten us you know ge tech got the money to prolong this case so we just have to keep waiting and praying

  125. Ronald Neal

    ALL WE CAN DO IS Wait this is o so terrible,play the scratch off tickets win and can not get payed.thats no fun ,we may never get paid 4 years now in september still on hold .what does it take to get our money .i get so disgusted when i see every one can sue and get paid .4 vears and still we are on the first page where we started,all we can be told is be patient and wait ,
    there are so many of us need our money who cares,don’t seem like no one cares.seems there should be something that can be done.

    • J smith

      I understand you’re flustration but someone does care I know it’s a very pain but we are in good hands wit our attorneys and they are doing a good job .hopefully it will end soon don’t give up the faith and I know it’s hard and been long they are fighting hard is they can it’s the courts

  126. D

    I will never understand why our legislature continues to allow IGT to run the Texas Lottery.
    Interesting Read: March 8, 2017
    IGT Lottery Contract Ruled Void by Florida Judge –
    Florida House Rep Richard Corcoran drafted a lawsuit last month to sue the Florida State Lottery Agency after his budget staff discovered that a contract signed with (IGT) attempted to circumvent proper legal channels.

  127. D

    Makes you Wonder How Much has been “Donated” to Texas Officials and/or Judges? My opinion this should be Unethical & strictly Prohibited.
    IGT Political Donations
    $5,000 2014 Nathan Deal – Governor of Georgia

    $900 2013 Toni G. Atkins Representative from the 78th Assembly District at California State Assembly

    $4,100 2013 Toni G. Atkins Representative from the 78th Assembly District at California State Assembly

    $1,000 2013 Reginald Jones-Sawyer Member, Board of Trustees at California Science Center Foundation
    $1,000 2013 Jim Frazier

  128. Mona

    Just saw this on Facebook

    Dallas Court of Appeals Rules Against Dawn Nettles in Favor of GTECH
    JUL 22
    A three-judge panel of the Dallas Court of Appeals issued an opinion today in which it ruled that GTECH has “derivative governmental immunity” which shields it from being sued for fraud related to the Texas Lottery’s Fun 5’s scratch-off game. A copy of the opinion can be read here: Dallas Court of Appeals’ Opinion.

    • J smith

      No way the supreme Court said that they was not covered under no immunity no government contractor (hum)

  129. Gerald Crump

    I heard gtech won their appeal in the dallas case against dawn nettles does this affect our Austin case, what do you all think of our chances.

  130. Mona

    How does Nettles case have no affects/bind on the Austin Court of Appeal, which is considering the same question for the remaining plaintiffs????

    We shall see.

    • J smith

      I don’t believe that until someone on our attorney team makes the announcement about the case I still think we are fine

  131. John E

    It definitely has me concerned. It definitely isn’t fair. Because if they get away with this it means they can do what ever they want and get away with it. They can legally screw people over. All they’re going to to do is sit back and laugh at us

  132. Disgruntled Texas Citizen

    Well this is going to be much much longer..
    Her case will go to the Texas Supreme Court now.
    As ours will too after appeal ruling.
    So another 2-3 years before we get a ruling if we get our money

  133. D

    All I can say is VOTE these people out of office come election time in 2018.

    Texas legislature (2017) did nothing to protect the Lottery players when TLC flat ass lies to the winners to cheat them out of their winnings, (IE. “you do not know how to Read”), they can continue to deceive, and cheat the Lottery players with no consequences.

    But they did pass a Bill (in favor of TLC) that in my opinion is a bad thing.
    Now TLC can say they had a winner & not disclose who it was. No way to verify an actual person won.
    How will we know if TLC lied about having a winner in order to keep the money for themselves/State.
    Beginning Sept. 1, 2017
    “Lottery winners will be able to request that their personal information be barred from disclosure to the media.”

  134. J smith

    OMG Dallas is a rip off city they took the pay day I just pray Houston keep it real and honest wild I can tell you that makes you wonder but I still have high faith in mr.Richard and Mark Lanier just may take a Lil longer I guess we will get a response soon and I pray it’s a different out come may God be wit us

  135. Can we discuss this on Social media? I believe if we had more support from the people who actually play and what they might have felt from the outcome.. this BS would have been over with.

  136. Victoria Beavers

    Richard hope all is well. As I’am coming through as always to get updates from others comments I cant help but be concerned from NETTLE’S CASE HERE IN DALLAS. Can you please provide a update. Thank you

    • The Dallas court’s opinion is not binding on the Austin Court of Appeals. Mark Lanier’s appellate specialist, Kevin Parker, will be filing a letter with the Austin Court in the next few days to explain why over 1,000 Texas consumers strongly disagree with the Dallas Court’s opinion. I will post a copy of that letter when it is filed.

  137. Mona

    So can she appeal that ruling?

  138. Ronald Neal

    This is crazy,G _Tech commit fraud and it is ok ,if we commit fraud
    we go to prison and pay fees upon your release.
    law abiding citizens get punished for anothers mistake,darn shame.

    • J smith

      Yeah you’re right but all that was .were money over matter they totally screwed her .I wish all of them that was in on it get busted. With all of this lottery fraud going on I’m surprised that they rule that in there favor. But money did it.that’s a dam shame they do for money we might will buy us some fake tickets and start selling them all we got to do is break off different funds and we want be sued pay everybody off bs

  139. Mona

    Monahans, where the last Texas Two Step winning ticket was sold…lol..
    Never heard of that..

  140. IC1966

    We Need to bring media attention to bring pressure and justice to be served. Dallas Court was paid off in my opinion. How can we start an FBI inveatigation on GTECH comitting fraud????

  141. abel guerrero

    we need to call FBI dallas field office

  142. Jon

    I agree. We need more media attention so that our elected officials actually realize there are over 1500 people involved in this lawsuit and we wont settle for anything less than the truth and to hold Gtech accountable. I remember there is a petition on
    If anyone has not signed thos petition i recommend you do so. There are over 8900 signatures and i think we could increase that by double if the word gets out on facebook and the news. Not only are we being cheated but our fellow family and friends who play they lottery on a weekly or monthly basis. This wont happen on its own so if we can all get people to comment ,sign the petition, and spread the word we will be more successful in showing how upsetting these situations really are. Why dont we try to get everyone involved (over 1500 people) and set a date to meet up and express our feelings and show the courts how serious we are. If we have to do a protest im all for it. Afterall, if the politicians and judges we elected wont stand by the hard working tax payers who get cheated by big companies, something MUST be done if we want to win. Please speak up people lets figure out an idea. I want Dawn Nettles to give us ideas and see if we should write to our State Reps and Governors again. Also, Denise Deckard the creator of the petition if you could give some input to see if we can all tag someone with that Petition on Facebook and get the news outlets involved. Any opinions are appreciated. Lets keep fighting and win what we are truely owed.

    • J smith

      Yeah I agree but we are not going away and remember we have good lawyers read there bio and I’m sure they don’t want no lose on there record they know how to handle these no good crooks. I’m sure if they wouldn’t have seen fraud they wouldn’t have wasted their time.But yeah we need to be heard so yeah let’s contact our officials again. Dallas took the check book

  143. D

    When I add (Texas Legislature) to my comments to me they are just as GUILTY (since they allow TLC/IGT to continue to Deceive & Cheat the Lottery Players).
    Just an FYI – TLC/Texas Legislature is still allowing IGT to cheat & deceive the Scratch-Off players. IE. When no more TOP PRIZES are left in a Scratch-Off game IGT is suppose to pull ALL the Tickets. But instead TLC/Legislature is allowing IGT to only pull the Un-activated packets/tickets & Leave the Tickets that are already for sale in the Bin. So Unsuspecting Scratch-Off players are Buying Tickets that no longer have a Top Prize.
    There is No Disclaimer on the Ticket Bins informing the players there is No More Top Prizes left for that ticket. Now would you purchase a $10.00 (TEN Dollar) ticket knowing you have No Chance in Hell of Winning the Top Prize. Hell No!
    Over & Over & Over again IGT is still Allowed to Screw over the Lottery Players. I personally reported 10 stores selling ticket # 1866 Crossword Multiplier. DO NOT BUY THIS TICKET. REPORT IT TO TLC and Your State Rep.

  144. Solcruz

    I thought we couldn’t comment on our case?

  145. Hey All,

    Did you all read the letter brief that our lawyers sent in response to GTECH letter to the Austin Court of Appeals? If not please read it. I know sometimes it’s discouraging and it still is but I think our lawyers are doing what they do best!!

    Have a great weekend.

    • J smith

      Yes I read at work and it was fantastic. They are hard at work. I really have no doubt in them. They are going to bring justice and I thank God for them. We are in good hands folks.

    • jeanslady

      Where did you find a copy of the brief? I like to read it too!

  146. D

    Texas Lottery is Marking My Comments on their Facebook Page about Scratch-Off# 1866 Crossword Multiplier
    as SPAM. (I did email Jarred Staples & my State Reps about this Ticket).
    My Comment: If you See Scratch-Off Ticket #1866 Crossword Multiplier for SALE. Report it to TLC & Your State Rep. Immediately.…/find-your-representative/

  147. D

    MY OPINION ONLY & Info for the public.
    Each case is assigned to one of the justices on the panel to author the opinion.
    In Dallas they assigned a “Retired” Judge to author the Opinion. Since he is Retired He does not have to worry about being Re-Elected to keep his seat on the Bench.
    – In my opinion the judges in Dallas should have recused themselves if they had been appointed by the Texas Governor at any point in their tenure.

    Justice Lana Myers was appointed to the Fifth District Court of Appeals by Governor Rick Perry on December 2, 2009. Myers presided over hundreds of trials and disposed of thousands of cases including capital murder, child abuse, aggravated robbery, aggravated sexual assault, family violence, burglary, and drug offenses

    – Justices Elizabeth Lang-Miers – Governor Perry appointed her to this position in 2003 and she was re-elected on November 6, 2012, for a term that expires on December 31, 2018. She ran unopposed in the general election on November 6, 2012 and was re-elected with 100 percent of the vote. DUH! (No Opponent). she practiced commercial litigation and employment law.

    Have A Good Weekend To All.

  148. Kimberley Sohn

    Very interesting! The ruling before the appellate court was fast… too fast. I seriously think the judge did not even consider Dawns side of the case. He ruled in favor of GTech way to quickly. And now a retired appellate court Judge has also sided with Gtech? A judge who is not seeking re election, of course he is going to side with GTech, our own legislatures doesn’t stand with the people, why should a Judge who isn’t trying to stay on the good side of voters ? It all comes down to money, God forbid TLC part with their prize money that was announced at 500 million in unclaimed prize fund. Seriously??? They have 500 million in unclaimed prize money?? It is Our money! The Fun Fives WINNERS! It is NOT unclaimed! We have been trying for almost FOUR years to claim it. Fraud and corruption. I live in Florida now, in March 2016 a Florida judge terminated GTechs contract with Florida Lottery…..ha! Really? Because GTech is STILL running the lottery here. Usually when someone is terminated……they stop working, they go away…..not GTech apparently. Oh that’s right, GTech does whatever they want.

  149. S esco

    If they get away with this injustice, that would mean scratch offs are rigged up , people will boycott scratch offs nation wide! Why would you continue to waste your money on false hopes

  150. R

    I think any time you have gambling and big money involved there’s corruption. I don’t know how but I’ve often thought lotteries knew who was going to win before the ticket was printed . Lotteries with that kind of $ can buy the judges. I’ve bought my last lotto or scratch off. I don’t believe they are fair but just a money making machine . I’m sure they’ve had influence on the courts. Like they say the rich get richer & the poor gets poorer. I would like the names of the judges on the court so we could make sure they don’t get our votes . I think it’s ridiculous that it’s taken 4 years for the dallas court to decide g-tech has immunity. SAD !!!

  151. J smith

    Thanks to our attorneys for the up date and hard effort on inquireing about the decision on our case and deep down I know you all are working hard and fast as you can .so once again thank very very much and I am postive we will pervill in the end .wat a very strong message you all sent keep up the fantastic job and may God be with you all in going forward

  152. J smith

    To all my fellow partners in this case trust me it’s not our attorney’s. they are fighting hard for us’ I know patience is frustrated but we have to work with them and stay calm’ they are on top of everything getech is trying to do’ we will win this race I promise you look were we are at now than where we were so it will be sooner than later keep your head’s up

  153. Kimberley Sohn

    What update???

    • J smith

      It should of been in your email if you didn’t get it you need to check your spam or the attorney

  154. B. Davis

    Realistically, how much longer can this take???? I would like to enjoy my money with my family before i’m too old.

    • Kimberley Sohn

      Hopefully soon! GTech has more lawsuits against them…….how long are they going to get away with running a corrupt business at the players (winners) expense. Never though it would take four years to receive our winnings.

  155. Georgie

    Well thanks to the tx lottery, gtec, the courts, and judges I have to start looking for a attorney to make me a living will. Waiting all this time and realistically more than likely the verdict will come after I am gone. I will turn 32 sept 27th, and have found I have many cysts in my liver and also a lump in my throat that have yet to be diagnosed being I can’t afford insurance currently but am working on it.
    But the good news is my husband of 11 yrs, our 13 yr old daughter, our 7yr old son, and our newest addition 5 mth old girl will be taken care of when this all settles. I am not mad that I more than likely won’t b around to enjoy the money I worked for and won out right, but instead extremely confused as to how something so undeniably was done wrong and millions of dollars stolen from tx citizens that paid for their tickets. With absolutely no reason to “think about, or go over evidence, or figure out who’s wrong” , gtec and tx lottery are dead wrong. Not just from a person they owe money to, but anyone that hears about this is outraged and there is no way they can deny wrong doing or that they owe us this money.. I can’t see in even as messed up world as we have going on today, thus wasn’t a “try to Sue just to make money off them, they robbed us all! ” and now we sit all these yrs. Well some of us don’t have many more to wait, and possibly would if we had the money we won’t to go towards doctors and insurance to help us spend what few yrs we have left with our family and kids.
    I’m sorry for the rant, just hard to look at my beautiful innocent children and they to keep up the lie that mommy will b around for a long long time, and that I may not get to see my littlest angel walk or b here for my babies as they go through life. I pray to God they pay and not just in monies but when judgment day comes, they can explain how the Almighty dollar was more important that peoples lives.
    My prayers go out to everyone effected by this

    • Holly Orum

      So sorry to hear this. Prayers that your health will get better!
      I wanted to let you know you do not need a attorney for a living will. You can download from the internet all the forms then take it to a notary.
      The cost under $20.00.
      Take care.

      • D

        You can also get free access to the Texas State Law Library.
        They have all kinds of forms. So far they have not charged me
        when I have requested a form to be emailed to me.

      • Georgie

        Thank you very much, I will look into that. I have been so swept up in seeing our entire house under water and all this, that I haven’t looked back here in a bit. So I apologize for not seeing sooner, and for taking the time to let me know about that.

  156. abel guerrero


  157. N

    God be with our Lawyers, Family and Friends during this time in Houston and surrounding areas. You’re in our thoughts and prayers.

  158. J smith

    Hey to all my brothers and sisters in this suit I’m just asking you all to pray for us down here in Houston we are losing almost everything just keep us in prays. And I hope to get our blessing real soon it would be very much needed now thanks

  159. Kimberley Sohn

    Praying for you!

  160. Georgie

    I’m right there with you. We are in lumberton and everything ours and ours kids is gone. Our house is and has been roof deep in this water, we still can even see it the water has us 2 exits back from it. You can’t get on freeway nothing, we can’t even leave lumberton still at all. We hope my aunt can keep paying for the room we were so blessed to find when we basically left with the clothes on our back and barley made it our of the neighborhood, messed up our vehicles a bit with the water so high but didn’t have a choice. But we r stranded out here for now, no gas, no house, running low on everything in stores, no banks no way to get money and now the 7pm curfew.
    Prayers go out to everyone tonight

  161. J smith

    Now would be a good time for them to gone settle out .not only it’s rightfully ours. I sure can do a lot for my family we are in need here in Texas. At least I hope this don’t prolong the case if anything give the judges time to make there decision it would truly be a blessing

  162. Cynthia

    Are we gonna get any updates soon . I really need my money I rightfully Won. I don’t think we should have to wait to collect our winnings we all bought our lottery scratch off tickets in good faith and expected to be paid what we rightfully won..please pay us what you .

    • J smith

      We will soon hopefully it’s the one we want I’m sure when we do it will have well been worth the wait

  163. solcruz

    Another year that goes by!

  164. Mona

    It’s my money, and I want it now!!!

  165. B. Davis

    Is the court really that backed up, or are they just sitting on the case so G-TECH can continue to prolong the outcome?

    • J smith

      I just pray no news is good news we have the right attorneys that’s the only thing that keeps me positive

  166. Kimberley Sohn

    I think my patience ran out….3 Years ago…

    • J smith

      That’s the true I just pray it’s sooner now than later it’s been a long road thus far but I haven’t gave up

  167. sam

    What happened to the right to a speedy trial

    • J smith

      I don’t know I never heard of one like that but a decision can be any day now

  168. Ron

    It’s almost laughable to think a decision as easy as this one could drag on for this long. The court has all the evidence right in front of them and they can’t make a decision. SAD ! I guess when there’s this much $ involved things get very political ! The attorneys are doing the best they can and they want to win too . Maybe we’ll hear something by next year . With holidays coming I’m sure we won’t hear anything until after holidays with all the time they take off .

    • sol

      Maybe these judges are with these companies?

      • J smith

        I don’t think so I believe there just that slow and longest they have the money they will keep prolonging this case .they need to be fineing them for prolonging the truth is in the putten we won and they need to be held accountable. And I agree our attorneys are doing one fantastic job and I can’t thank them enough but I believe it’s sooner than later

  169. J smith

    Own up to the mistake and make a good offer and let’s move on they have so many suits aginst them I’m surprised they are still operating are is they in on it robbing Peter to pay Paul and that’s the way there making there money come on people do unto others as you want done to you .yall know dam will if you bought that ticket you would want to be treated fair so do right by law cause there is a all mighty god

  170. JL

    I’m so tired of waiting on this case, it’s been years they could settle tomorrow but this big corporate money just working the system!!!

  171. JL

    Can we please have the names of the judges?

  172. JL

    Sigh……. Still Waiting! 🙁
    What happened to real justice?!?

  173. Mona

    Saw an article on this guy name Eddie Tipton, fixing state lotteries. It’s a darn shame that these greedy bastards can deceive the people.And I know he’s not the only one doing this mess, he’s the one that got caught.

    Also another top prize scratch off ticket was sold in San Antonio..whats new😒😒😒

  174. JL

    Should we all contact media to see if the pressure from them would move things for us?? What are y’alls thoughts??

    • J smith

      It would be nice. But it probably won’t make a difference I want a right dicison not rush them although it’s been a minute just hope before the year is out by right now I’m perparing a funeral for my dad he pass do to cancer at the age of 77 never smoke are drunk so I want enjoy none of it wit him

    • Dane Warren

      My thought on contacting the media is that would be a question for our attorneys. They are the experts

  175. JL

    Since December of 2014!!!! Seriously?!?!?!?!?!? Come on just settle already, please!

  176. susan black

    Do you think maybe there is a status of limit and we are just wasting are time waiting? I see Dawn is back in court, do you think we are waiting to see how she does before they will look at our case? I am sorry for all the questions I am just so ready for this to be done. Also is this all happening this way so we do not go in front of a jury?

    • Mona

      I asked this same question a while back but was assured that her case does not have any weight on our case. I also questioned why she chose to do her case separately from the rest of us and was told that she tried on the behalf of all us to sue theTLC and GTECH but since TLC has immunity her case was not in her favor. I don’t understand a lot of what’s going on really and for one, why the long wait. No one is really telling us what’s happening only to wait..ok so what happens if it’s in our favor again, then GTECH can appeal again….another wait. SO when does the appeals stop and the courts say just pay the people. I try to be positive and hope for a settlement real soon. It would be nice with the holidays coming up..

      • J smith

        They have tried to reach out to the clerks and see wats the hold up is so they are not sleeping on the case let’s just hope the judges rule any day now

  177. J smith

    Oasis finance say there give you a pre loan I just seen a TV commercial but when we win we don’t know the amount were getting I wish we did know maybe someone will giveus a loan lol just thinking out

  178. Linda

    They will rule against us like they did with Nettles and that is the reason they don’t make a decision too close to elections! I expect zero from this lawsuit. The writing is on the wall.

    • J smith

      Actually we won our case the one they denied mrs.nettles in Dallas so I don’t think we’ll get the same vierdt she got

      • Mona

        Yes, if I am remembering correctly, so far we have had the case in our favor to sue. This Nettles case to me, is throwing everything off.. GTECH won immunity against her case in Dallas not on our case which I believe is twice in our favor to GTECH appealed on our last win decision.. We never did get a court date after the Dallas Nettles case, due to the courts giving immunity win to GTECH. GTECH sent in a letter trying to get our case dismissed..but our lawyers handled up on that real quick. Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t think her case have any weight on ours..if anything, our case will help her because she’s in another stage of legal steps..GTECH have only one win verses our 2 decisions that they can be sued…We shall see.

  179. JL

    Will everybody commit to writing the Governor this week, maybe if we are start making noise then we will see some action! I’m tired of waiting and not knowing anything, this isn’t right and not fare to the people of Texas!!!!!!

  180. JL

    We should all get together and go to the Texas capitol and make some noise, all these other groups do it and they get stuff done, anybody with me on this?? Let’s set a date and get the media with us!

    • Tony

      Sounds great to me !! I’m in . They screwed Dawn on hers . I hope I’m wrong but I’m afraid we’re getting screwed on ours . I know our attorneys are doing the best they can . I’ve never had much faith in our judicial system . After this 4year fiasco I have even less !!!SAD

  181. Ron

    Exactly the way I feel

  182. Darlene Hodge

    Well it’s sounds good JR don’t have time for that just go to your local TV station sound better

  183. If anyone is interested in seeing all of the filings, follow the link to Third Court of Appeals…

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