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Austin Court of Appeals Rules that GTECH Not Immune From Suit

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals issued its opinion in the Steele v. GTECH Corporation case today.  The Court ruled that GTECH is not immune from suit for common law fraud.

The Court did not have jurisdiction to rule on the merits of the case.  In other words, a jury will still need to hear the evidence at trial and make a decision as to whether GTECH fraudulently misrepresented what was required to win a prize in the Fun 5’s scratch-off game.

Attorneys for the lottery players are still analyzing the 61 page opinion.  A more detailed explanation of the opinion and a copy of the opinion can be read by clicking >>here<<.

An explanation and the next steps to be taken will also be forwarded to the clients of the Lanier, Sternberg, and LaGarde law firms in the coming days by e-mail or by mail.  Please be patient.

Do not celebrate or spend money you do not have just yet.  It is likely that GTECH will ask the Texas Supreme Court to review the Third Circuit’s opinion in light of the fact that it reached an opposite conclusion from the Dallas Court of Appeals’ opinion in the Nettles v GTECH case.  That means there will be an additional delay.  We know that everyone is anxious to get to trial.  So are we.  However, we just need to patient as this case works its way through the legal system.  This is a major victory for the Fun 5’s players but it is just one step in our long fight for justice.


Richard LaGarde


  1. Holly

    This is great news. My question is how long does G-tech have to appeal? I hope we get to trial soon!

  2. IBC66

    What happened to our blog paige???

  3. Deverly Orupabo

    Thanks for planting a seed of fairness in the Courtroom! Justice will Prevail! Many Thanks for all your hard work! Shouts out from DeSoto, Tx. BeBless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jessica L. Bornholdt

    It is amazing to see the difference between Texas lottery and other states when handling similar situations. Richard has been amazing through this process. Keeping us informed as he fights for Justice. Texas is bigger and better or is that only when it is convenient? Thank you Lanier Law Firm! Looking forward to Justice and fairness in this case….

    • J smith

      I think there out of appeals they can only now ask the Texas supreme Court I think I’m not sure why keep prolonging. And if ‘sof my lord how long will that take

  5. JL

    What sort of time frame are we looking at now??
    How much time do they have to appeal?
    What happens if they win an appeal now?
    Why do they even get a chance to appeal again for the 3rd time?
    Lots of questions……

  6. Jimmie Reynolds

    If GTECH appeals how long can that take? If they do appeal and we win again do we have to wait to go to court or does GTECH have to settle immediately

  7. Disgruntled Texas Citizen

    Jimmie this is just to see if Gtech is immune from our suit.
    Once the suprme court makes a descion if Gtech does decide to appeal again.. then we will either lose and Gtech wins..
    Or they lose and we either prepare for trial or start the settlement talks.

    With Dawn and her case in the dallas court and the conflicting opinions of the appeals courts this will go to Suprme court for a final descion.
    How ever reading the 61 page doc several times already..
    Seems as our appeal judges researched and took there time and looking at case law citing examples of when and why and why not some contractors do get immunity..
    Gtech is liable to bring free clear and error free docs to the lottery .. they didnt t do that.
    Gtech doesn’t hurt any fiscal impact on the state or citizens so immunity doesn’t apply there.
    Etc etc..
    I truly believe we will win but it’s going to be another 1 year or so before we settle or get trial going.

    • Jimmie Reynolds

      Disgruntled Texas Citizen Thanks for responding and clearing things up. Worst case scenario GTECH appeals we have to wait to go to court and hopefully some time next year we will have our day in court.

    • J smith

      On know at least this year not another one I pray to God cause if I’m not mistaken Texas supreme court gave the courts the authority to solve the case

  8. B. Davis

    So, is this the new page for the blog?

  9. Solcruz

    Thank you Disgruntled Texas Citizen ,reading your post gave me more hope.

  10. Mona

    So, if Dawn case has nothing to do with our case, why would GTECH even consider going to the supreme court? We have 2 decisions, I think, in our favor to their one immunity..Is it possible the supreme court can deny their appeal to our case given the last opinion plus the opinion of the lower court? Anything is possible, I guess. Just wondering.

  11. Benzo002

    Disgruntled Texas Citizen, are you part of the Law Firm that’s handling our case? Thanks, be blessed!

  12. VM

    You are absolutely correct. It was decided on January 22, 2016 , by the Supreme Court. Now GTECH has no choice but to go to trial or settle. I think they have exhausted all of their appeal rights. Pray this doesn’t go another year. Too much time has been wasted by stalling and paying us what we are due.

    • GTECH has not exhausted its appeal rights. It has the right to ask the Texas Supreme Court to review the decision of the Austin Court of Appeals. It is more likely than not that GTECH will do so.

      • VM

        How much time do they have to ask the Supreme Court to rewiew the Austin Appeal Courts decision?

  13. Tim

    Yeah im not too sure either what happened to the blog page but either way we still need to all work together and get everyone to sign the petition on If you havent already signed it please do and share with family and friends. We still have a long way to go and ALL of us need to need to work together to get the word out and be trated fairly just as South Carolina did with those Lottery winners

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